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Hosted Chat Service —
Easy and Affordable

RealChat Hosted is a complete service. If you want to add live chat to your website without dealing with the technical details, this is an easy solution that provides all that you need.

Easy for your visitors — the people chatting
An enjoyable experience. Chatting should be fun, and with RealChat it is. The intuitive interface suits even complete novices, and features such as avatars, image emoticons, sound effects and more make for pleasurable chatting.
Fast and easy access. RealChat loads quickly, so your visitors won’t have to wait around — they can start chatting in no time at all.

Easy for you — the administrator
Minimum effort required. If you want to set up a chat room but have no idea where to begin, RealChat Hosted is the solution for you. We take care of the technical details, and you only do the parts that you enjoy!
It’s your chat, you’re in control. If users misbehave, you can warn them, freeze them, or kick them out. If you want to, the Pro plan enables you to easily set up moderated chats to keep discussions targeted or host conversations with a celebrity guest.

Remember, if you're looking for a more powerful solution, RealChat Software might be right for you.

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